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A sustainanle & effective anti-theft system for semi-trailers, trucks and other vehicles with air brakes.


The name Securvalve belongs to the newest innovation system against the theft of trucks and trailers. This unit is designed with a mechanical device valve that controls the air intake of your vehicle's brakes. The permanent installation of a valve on the front of it prevents air from releasing the brakes, and only holders of the unbreakable coded key can turn it on or off. This key is more secure, it may only be reproduced with the unique code of the company. With an installation time of a few minutes, Securvalve assures you that your truck, your trailer, your buses, the chassis to your container or platforms will never be the subject of theft.



With nearly 20 years experience in the field of road transport, Christian Pilon has inevitably been faced with many thefts of trucks and trailers. Therefore, in 2003, he undertook a project to experiment with all anti-theft systems on the market. A few years later, he drew the conclusion that none were truly effective, all were found to be too fragile, too heavy, too expensive or too easily to manipulate. In 2011, Mr. Pilon came to create an effective anti-theft system that is less costly for transport companies, and a system that will be permanently on your vehicle.